‘Don’t play with the sun!’: campaign for sun protection 2024

The Catalan Federation Against Cancer (FECEC) starts the annual sun protection campaign with a whole series of online tips and various activities on sun protection in the territory. This year, the slogan is “Don’t play with the sun!”and will have a special impact on sun protection for babies and children.

Now that the good weather has arrived, and it’s almost summer, there are many who want to enjoy the outdoors and sunbathe. It is necessary, however, that sun exposure is done very carefully and to be aware of the importance of skin cancer prevention.

Online advice and workshops for cancer patients and families

As usual, FECEC Junts contra el Càncer will offer a whole series of online advice (on the social networks X, Facebook and Instagram), for a correct sun protection for adults and children. In addition, three workshops will be held in the territory this year to raise awareness of the need to protect yourself from the sun in summer. The two workshops in Lleida and Tarragona will be aimed at cancer patients; and the Barcelona workshop is aimed at families for sun protection for the little ones.

These are the dates and place of the workshops. We will soon open registrations for the three activities.

Take part in the Quiz on Instagram

And as part of the sun protection tips, every Thursday on Instagram stories you can find a fun quiz for the whole family with questions and answers about sun protection. Be encouraged to test your knowledge on how to protect yourself from solar radiation!

This campaign is supported by Pierre Fabre and La Roche Posay.