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Brief History


The Federació Catalana d’Entitats contra el Càncer (FECEC) is formed.


Foundational period under the presidency of Mr. Carles Carcolé Vidal, with the incorporation of new entities.


Structuring stage under the presidency of Mr. Josep Morell Miró, where the actions, the services to the entities and the programmes to be developed are defined.


Consolidation stage under the presidency of Dr. Ramon M. Miralles Pi, in which existing services and programmes are developed and new needs are met.


Current stage under the presidency of Mrs. Maria Assumpció Vilà.

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2017 – 3rd We are Patients Prizes – Category Patients of the Farmaindustria Foundation

2018 – 6th National Charity Prizes of the BBVA

FECEC’s Constitution

The constitution of FECEC, Junts conta el Càncer was last amended on 25 November 2022.