The ‘Posem-li pebrots al cáncer’ campaign raises 57,174 euros for support programs for oncological patients

The Catalan Federation of Entities Against Cancer (FECEC) have raised a total of 57,174 euros as part of the “Posem-li pebrots al Càncer” initiative organized together with Condis supermarkets and which aims to show solidarity with cancer patients and to disseminate, as well, the task of accompaniment and support carried out by the entities affiliated to the FECEC.

This year’s campaign, which is now in its ninth edition, was held last April 14 and 15, and during these two days, the public and, in particular, the customers of the Condis supermarkets participated in the solidarity program through the purchase of solidarity peppers. This year, 38,116 bags of peppers have been sold, selflessly provided by Agroponiente, at a symbolic price of 1.5 euros each, in the 680 establishments that Condis has in Catalonia. Each bag contained a red and a green pepper, and the resulting proceeds will be entirely allocated to the promotion of psychosocial care projects for cancer patients and their families.

The president of the FECEC, Maria Assumpció Vilà, has highlighted that “the campaign “Posem-li pebrots al Càncer” is very important to increase the awareness of the population in general towards people with cancer and their families In addition, it will help us to continue working to improve the quality of life of oncology patients and to continue offering services, both for them and for their families and caregivers, through our entities.” Vilà also emphasized that the campaign promotes healthy eating, a key aspect in the prevention of cancer, and wanted to convey a message of thanks to the volunteers who make it possible for “Posem-li pebrots al Càncer” to take place every year.

Lourdes Bullich, responsible for Public Affairs and Communication of Condis, “like every year, from Condis we want to contribute our granite of sand in the fight against cancer, favoring the sale of solidarity peppers to our establishments and encouraging our clients to join the campaign”. In this line, Bullich highlighted “the solidarity of the citizens who, edition after edition, have demonstrated their sensitivity towards the reality of the oncological patient in our home”.

Record number of volunteers

In this ninth edition, “Posem-li Pebrots al Cáncer” has had a record number of volunteers from all over the Catalan territory, a total of 1,019, called by the entities affiliated to the FECEC and which have been responsible for to know the objectives of the campaign and to disseminate among clients the task of accompaniment carried out by these entities. Of these volunteers, 175 have been secondary school students, who participate with the federated entities through the Community Service subject.